Technology to Manage Medications Safely

Technology has become essential to the pharmacy industry. In our business, technology is a tool for making sure that your residents are getting the medication they need in the safest and most economical way. That’s why PharmScript has invested in adopting the latest technology to best serve our clients and their patients. We will make sure you have the technology that is right for you, in place and operating the way it should.

Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR)

When nurses have a well-designed eMAR system to work with, they have the ability to improve their facility’s tracking and monitoring of drug use. Bar code eMAR technology ensures that the correct medication is administered in the correct dose, at the correct time, to the correct patient.

  • HealthMEDX
  • SigmaCare
  • Medrex
  • MatrixCare
  • PointClickCare
  • Reliable Health Systems

Electronic Medical Storage

PharmScript provides all clients with an on-site electronic medication storage system that can hold hundreds of emergency medications in environmentally controlled, stand-alone units. The storage carts interface with our pharmacy, allowing PharmScript to digitally track delivery, quality assurance, usage, and medication expiration, ensuring safe delivery of medications. The electronic medical storage system enables customizable user access to medications and supports both oral solid and IV meds and supplies.


To improve timeliness of prescriptions, PharmScript interfaces with Surescripts, a leading technology platform that connects pharamacies, care providers, benefit managers, and technology partners. With Surescripts, prescribers can review prescription benefits for covered drugs, see patient medication history, and electronically route prescriptions to our respective pharmacy, improving the response time, and ultimately benefiting the patient. Surescripts partners with more than 700 EHR applications used by over 900,000 healthcare professionals, impacting more than 270 million insured lives.

Compliant Text Messaging Communication

Through Mediprocity, a leading HIPAA-compliant text-based communication tool, the pharmacy, facility staff, and healthcare professionals are able to share patient health information efficiently, and securely, and as a result, improving workflow and care coordination.

PharmScript’s Online Portal

With PharmScript’s Online Portal, clients can access important information and data from any device to check delivery status at your facility, resident profiles, drug orders, non-drug orders, workflow visibility, and medical records. Additionally, our online portal helps clients control costs by providing drug quotes, financial reports, and access to all billing records.

  • Computerized Physician
  • Order Entry (CPOE)
  • Electronic Medication
  • Administration Record (eMAR)
  • Open Data Base for Easy Interface
  • Fill Orders and Process Refills Electronically
  • Print Medical Records on Location
  • Scan Medication Upon Delivery
  • Capture Digital Signatures
  • Track Delivery Status in Real Time