Client Service

At PharmScript, client service is a core tenet of our brand. We pride ourselves in being a trusted pharmacy partner, and a true guide to healthcare organizations seeking to deliver the best possible patient experience and outcome. Our role is to support these organizations by doing our job to the highest standard, and being available whenever needed to address any challenges that arise. At PharmScript, client service isn’t defined by our reactive responses. We take pride in our proactive client service model, which dictates that we conduct outreach to our clients on an ongoing basis to ensure we’re doing everything we can to help their operations run smoothly and continually improve.

Our team is truly invested in our client’s success, and we pride ourselves on delivering a seamless pharmacy experience. What that means is that we not only deliver on our promises, we go above and beyond to ensure our client’s and their patients have the upmost quality service.

From our pharmacists who perform comprehensive reviews of medication orders, to our admissions and billing departments, and delivery team, we are deeply committed to helping our clients deliver patient-centered care. We make sure patients receive the right medications at the right time, every time.

Client Service Benefits
  • Latest industry cut-off times
  • Comprehensive weekday and weekend delivery schedule
  • Fully customizable clinical records and reporting
  • Admissions Alert Protocol™
  • Extensive network of emergency local pharmacies
  • Consulting pharmacy services
  • IV Insertion assist & nurse certification

A Strong Partnership From the Start


Quality service and a seamless pharmacy experience start from the beginning with our transitions process. Transitioning to a new pharmacy partner can be a challenging process, which is why our expertise and experience in this process is invaluable to new clients. We’ve on-boarded healthcare facilities across the country, of all shapes and sizes, and under nearly every scenario imaginable. We understand it is our job to make the complex look and feel simple. Just as our clients seek to offer a seamless patient experience, we too aim to for a similar effect. Through the transition process, we have a dedicated team assisting you and handling the project every step of the way. The team understands your expectations, clearly communicates processes, and ensures that each facility is ready for implementation.

Continued Success Relies on Consistent Service

As former long-term care administrators and operators, we understand the value and importance of a dedicated and committed client service team. At PharmScript, we introduce the account team to clients even before the transition process is complete, which ensures that the go-live and ongoing operations run smoothly, particularly in the early days of the relationship. PharmScript’s client team visits every facility monthly and is available to connect as needed to make sure pharmacy services remain on track, enabling both the residents and facility to thrive.

  • Quality assurance checks
  • Med Cart Audits
  • Med Pass Observation
  • P&T Meetings
  • Cost containment
  • Staff Education and In-Service Training