Cost Containment

In a world of increasing costs pressures and regulatory concerns, pharmacy services must not only be accurate, they must be cost efficient.

To support cost containment, PharmScript provides numerous tools and services to help organizations reduce spending, while maintaining quality care.


Preadmission Cost Review

Know exactly how much the medications for a patient will cost before they are admitted. Using our online portal, facilities can easily calculate fees and plan accordingly.

Formulary Program

Receive notifications when more cost-effective medications are available and can be appropriately substituted as part of a resident’s medication therapy. Our formulary program takes into account a resident’s entire treatment plan, and substitutes medication order only when clinically approved.

Dispensing Quantity

Set up high costs alerts and shorten supply when high costs are exceeded based on your facility’s preferred preferences.

Split Billing

Automatically split the cost of a prescription when insurance changes from Medicare part A to third party insurer while the patient is in the facility.


PharmScript maximizes reimbursement for clients by dedicating an entire team to Part D claims. The team receives prior authorization for facilities without involving the staff, and will follow-up on previously denied claims to make sure reimbursement is recaptured.

Instead of having your nursing staff calling insurance companies and tracking down prior authorization, they can do what they are trained to do—care for your residents.


When a medicine is no longer needed, facilities can access an itemized return bill via PharmScript’s online portal and receive credit on any medicine retuned to our pharmacies. PharmScript automatically monitors returns for a facility and makes sure there are no discontinued medication is left within med carts.