Saul Greenberger LNHA PharmScript

Saul Greenberger, LNHA


Saul Greenberger founded PharmScript in 2008 after recognizing the opportunity to improve the pharmacy service for long-term and post-acute care facilities. As a former nursing home administrator in New York City, Saul experienced firsthand the challenges and opportunities of creating a seamless pharmacy experience. Empowered by his experience, Saul set to create a company dedicated to supporting its clients in their goal of providing the best possible care to residents and patients.

In his role today, Saul is instrumental in the company’s development and growth. He is responsible for expanding new relationships and supporting current clients in implementing best practices, quality control, and fiscal accountability in the pharmacy arena. Drawing upon his extensive career, Saul is a trusted thought leader, frequently speaking at industry conferences and regularly sharing insights in respected publications.

Saul earned his bachelor of science degree in business, management and finance from Brooklyn College, and is Licensed Nursing Home Administrator (LNHA).